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Cerakote Applied on Gun or Barbell Review

Cerakote works as a kind of thin film, a mixture coating of ceramic polymer. And the advantage is to improve the adhesion, hardness, anti-rust, impact resistance, etc.


Generally, people use the cerakote widely on guns, especially pistol. You only need a spray gun, and borrow your wife’s microwave oven, then you could coat the cerakote by yourselves; However, barbell bar is a little big and heavy, so it might not be easy for you to coat at home. Don’t worry, barbell factories would do that for you.


Decrease is very important for the coating, then sand blast till the surface loses luster, coating and solidify, you could also ask a local spray painting workshop to proceed for you, or even a workshop to repair painting for cars could do.


Barbell coated with cerakote would perform much durable than common electro coating bars, but the costs is relatively high.


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