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Stainless Steel Bar vs Chrome Barbell

Stainless Steel Bar vs Chrome Barbell

Chrome Vs Stainless Steel Barbell

Here we would discuss hard chrome vs stainless steel barbell :

1. Price: no doubt Chrome Barbell is cheaper than Stainless Steel Olympic Barbell;

2. Durability: hard chrome on barbell shaft will wear off one day, stainless steel bar won’t;

3. PSI and whip, depends on the material of the shaft, hard chrome bars could act better on the whip, and basically stainless steel barbell could make it by 190k PSI by MAX in general ;

4. The combination of stainless steel shaft + hard chrome sleeve would be awesome, as the welding is a big problem of stainless steel due to its:

•  strong thermal sensitivity

•  thermal crack

•  thermal oxidation

•  high coefficient of linear expansion


So factories prefer to machining the whole rough part with the diameter of sleeves, which causes huge wastes, and arises costs dramatically. That’s why you can rarely find full stainless barbell on Market.

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