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Stainless Steel Barbell vs Cerakote Barbell

Stainless Steel Barbells vs Cerakote Barbells

Regarding the difference between cerakote vs stainless steel barbell, will discuss in several aspects below:

1) Price: cerakoate or ceramic coated barbell is cheaper than stainless steel;

2) Knurling: Stainless steel Olympic bar is awesome in knurling, it’s bare bar without coating, so talking about the knurling, stainless steel barbell is more aggressive, but the cearakote barbell could be antiskid;

stainless steel olympic barbell

Barbell Manufactuer: MANTA Fitness


3) Central logo: cerakote bar is available while cerakote barbell not;

4) Durability: both of them are super durability, cerakote on barbell shaft will peel off one day, stainless steel bar won’t;

5) Color: it’s obvious that stainless don’t have option for colors, while cerakote bars has more than 10000+; 

Free Weights Manufacturerscerakote barbellsceramic barbell

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6) PSI and whip, depends on the material of the shaft, cerakote could act better on whip, and basically stainless steel barbell could make it by 190k PSI by MAXin common;


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