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Fitness Sledgehammer 6KG to 30KG, Black Powder Coat Finish

1) Durable steel construction;

2) Machined knurled handle for easy stress free grip;

3) Head is welded to handle – safer;

4) Available Size:

     6KG / 8KG / 10KG / 12KG / 15KG / 20KG / 30KG



About Fitness Sledgehammer

Fitness Sledgehammer is an indestructible training weapon for whole body exercise. And they are especially popular with crossfit, strongman, as well as fitness cross-training.


A single swing involves your feet, legs and hips, chest, back, and shoulders, and finally your upper and lower arms. Due these muscles working together demand a large amount of oxygen, it makes sledgehammer swinging a challenge. So fitness hammer is helpful to build rotational strength, grip / forearm strength, and develop core strength.


On the other side, this is a real skill that takes some time to develop. So Manta recommend to start at the light weight 6KG and then develop it gradually (up to 30KG). As you get used to your fitness hammer, and make it easy to do slams and other exercises, you can try juggling them.

Fitness Hammer

1) Durable steel construction

Electrostatic sprayed surface;

Made of solid steel, very durable. Perfect for home exercise and gym training;

Ideal for cardio, strength, core, mobility, rotational and impact training.

3) Head is welded to handle for increasing safety and performance.

2) Machined knurled handle;

Machined knurled over 90% of handle for better grip.





4) The End of the Handle.

Some issues you may concern:

1) 5 matters needs your attention when buying workout sledge hammer;

2) 8 available weights on fitness hammer;

3) Sledgehammer Workout Benefits.

Specifications of Fitness Sledgehammer 

Short sets using maximum power will develop strength and anaerobic fitness;

Longer sets using lighter strikes will develop aerobic fitness and muscular endurance; 

Regardless of short or longer fitness sledge hammer sets, they are also a very effective calorie burner.

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