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Olympic High Hex Bar Weight Lifting – Hollow Sleeves

♦ Made of zinc-plated solid steel

♦ 25mm diameter raised hand grips

♦ Accommodates 2 in plates

♦ Hex Bar Weight: 45LB



About Olympic High Hex Bar

The hex bar is an essential addition to your gym or home if you want to build overall body strength and muscle. Because it features a unique shape and design that helps correct your stance and ensure a correct lifting maneuver. The Hex Bar keeps weight centered through the body’s midline during deadlifts, shrugs, and power pulls. The change in angle allows you to do dead lifts that incorporate less of your glutes and lower back while increasing the use of the quadriceps.


If you has a hex bar, stop using it just for shrugs, and consider doing some deadlifts. Opens a New Window with it. It allows you to go heavier than standard deadlifts (which place more overload on the leg muscles), leading to greater muscle growth in the long run. Even if you compete in the deadlift, using the hex bars occasionally can help you go heavier to get stronger in the lower-body muscles. And if you had to give up deadlifts due to lower-back issues, the hex bars may be your key to doing them again.


With a barbell, the weight is in front of your body; while the design of the hex bars place the weight in line with your body. The Olympic High Hex Bars place a lighter load on the lumbar spine. Use the Hex Bars, you can effectively improve your deadlifts and lift more weight. Therefore, it’s especially suitable for those with lower back pain or discomfort.


hex bar


1) Suitable for doing squats, deadlifts, shrugs and power pulls

2) 2-handle options for exercisers of all sizes

3) Hex bars sold separately from plates

4) Accommodates 2 in plates

5) Allows you to pull more weight without the impact on lower back

6) Shifts the impact from the glutes and hamstrings onto the quadriceps

7) Bar Weight: 45LB


How to choose a Olympic High Hex Bar?

When choosing a hex bar, look for one that is the right size to fit your frame when you do squats, dead lifts or shrugs. Also consider how many weight plates it can accommodate and decide if this is sufficient for your needs. Look at the weight of the bar before you add other plates, as this may be a better starting point when you begin your exercise regimen.


Secondly, look for those with knurling on the handles, as these offer a firmer, more secure hold while lifting.


Finally, to create custom Olympic Hex Bars, simply add the Olympic Plates in the weight of your choice.


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