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Hex Bar Benefit

Hex Squat Bar Review / Benefits / Purpose?

Hex Bar Benefits

—— What are hex bar benefits? or same question as ” hex bar vs barbell deadlift “? Basically, the hex squat bar has some advantages if compared with regular Olympic barbells:


  1. When squat pull by using hex squat bars, it has small pressure on lower back muscle groups especially spinae muscle.

Body focus would be in the middle of the hex squat bar during trap bar squat pull training, the focus of body and trap bar would be in the same vertical line, so the motion could be up and down vertically, the body would be in upright movement.

  1. When dead lift by using regular bars, the bar would be in front of the trainer, even the barbell would be close to shin bone and leg, the barbell will give great pressure on the lower back.

By switching to trap bar, people will bear higher strength and weight training, to promote the sports performance.

  1. The hex trap bar is more suitable for people lack of exercise, recovered, beginners and those who work against resistance to lose weight.
    People lack of exercise would be easily to get hurt by using direct barbells to dead lift or squat, hex bar reduces the requirement of body flexibility.


Recovered people might have the serious body function degeneration, hex bar make the pressure more average to all parts of the body, makes it safer than common barbells.

Beginners has not yet established the effective nerve and muscle memory, action mode unskilled, difficult to master the key points. Squat pull by using hex bar, the difficulty reduced, which makes beginners easier to start.

Trainer with a bit strength tend to speed up defatting by resistance training, the effect has close relationship to the total training amount. It require more leg muscle group anticipating. The regular barbell is good for dead lift and squat, but lower back muscle group can’t resist that, hex trap bar would definitely increase the training amount with smaller pressure.


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