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Rubber vs. Iron Plates (which should you buy?)

Rubber Vs Iron Weight Plates

Do you recognize when to use iron or rubber plates on your bar? What’s the difference between rubber and iron weight plates? Which is better? Chances are you’ll see wildly different opinions all over the web. Someone are making fun of people using bumpers, or saying iron plates are the only way out. This blog studies the details and can help you decide for your garage gym gear.

1. Iron plates have a tendency to cost much less vs rubber plates

To begin, the largest difference between rubber and also iron plates is that iron plates tend to be less costly. Yes, there are a lot of iron plates out there, and in general iron plates are more economical than rubber ones. Say, a 10-pound rubber plate and a 10-pound iron plate evaluate the exact same amount, and both will give you the gain you’re looking for. If you have a spending plan in place, iron is a great way to get some weights in the bar at the garage gym.

2. Iron and also rubber plates are different dimensions in diameter

The 2nd difference in between rubber as well as iron plates is the dimension difference in size. All rubber bumper plates are the exact same diameter throughout all weights, and also iron plates vary in diameter.

3. Their width and also density

The 3rd difference between iron and rubber plates is that iron plates tend to be denser and thinner on the bar. Besides, powerlifters tend to choose iron plates by  that are relocating enormous weights. Rubber plates, since they’re constructed of rubber, tend to sit more commonly on the bar due to the fact that they obtain their thickness from their width.

4. Rubber is much quieter when in operation and when dropped

The fourth difference between rubber plates and iron plates is that rubber plates are quieter on the bar. This is important if you lift weights in a garage gym (or even a commercial gym). Because when you move the iron plates you may hear the irons each other The sound of a crash, while a rubber plate doesn’t. But we understand that your home in your residence, your next door neighbor, and even your neighbor down the street may not take it as seriously.

5. Rubber is meant to be dropped

The fifth distinction in between rubber as well as iron plates is that rubber plates are made to be dropped, and also iron plates are not. Whether you have a concrete flooring, a drop pad, some rubber on the floor, it’s never ever an excellent suggestion to be dropping iron weights as it can harm the flooring, the bar, and even the weights themselves. The last point you desire is to fracture your rare-earth element plates.

6. Rubber can do every little thing iron can … but far better

The sixth, and also last, distinction in between rubber and iron plates is that rubber plates can do whatever iron plates can, but iron plates can refrain from doing whatever that rubber plates can do. If you’ve obtained the area in your budget plan as well as area in your garage or commercial gym for rubber bumper plates, we very advise and also urge you to choose rubber bumper plates over iron. You obtain all of the benefits of iron plates, but also a bit more with a rubber plate.

Have questions about which kind of plate would certainly work best for you and also your garage gym? Let us understand in the remarks listed below, send us an e-mail at We’re right here to help you improve your life through strength, which starts in your garage or community gym.

First, the most notable difference between rubber and iron plates is cast iron weight plates tend to be cheaper. Yes, there are many iron plates out there, some can be very expensive. But in general, iron plates are cheaper than rubber plates. The fifth difference between rubber and iron plates is that rubber weight plates are designed to be drop resistant, while iron sheets are not. Sixth, and finally, the difference between a rubber and an iron plate is that a rubber plate can do everything an iron plate can do, but an iron plate cannot do all the little things that a rubber sheet can do. If you do get space in your spending plan and space for rubber bumpers in a garage or commercial gym, we highly recommend and urge you to opt for rubber bumpers over iron.


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