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What is the Difference Between Standard and Olympic Weight Plates

What is the difference between standard and olympic weight plates

A typical question amongst those wanting to buy weights is regarding the difference between standard and olympic weight plates. In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to understand about both types of plates and which one fits your requirements the best.

Olympic Weight Plates vs Standard

  • STYLES distinction

Both types can be available in a variety of styles. Both types are normally all made from the exact same actors iron, aside from the solid rubber olympic bumper plates, and after that covered with a baked-on enamel paint or a rubber or urethane layer.

Standard plates are the “pancake” shaped plates with rounded edges.

Consist these dimensions: 1.25 pound, 2.5 pound, 5lb, 10lb, 12.5 lb, 20lb, 25lb, 50lb. The center holes are simply over 1 ″ size to fit on a standard bar.

Olympic weight plates can be found in even more styles, like “grip plates”.

ie: with holes to help you grip for less complexity and safer handling. Not only does this make moving and storing the plates less complicated, but they can also be used individually. However, many standard boards are not readily available in “grip designs”.


With the means standard plates come in the smooth pancake shape. In addition to their smaller sized holes, they are the thinnest design.

  • Diameter Difference

When checking out both kinds of weights side-by-side you’ll discover that Olympic bars have thicker ends (sleeves) where the weights are placed. Olympic weight layers holes are simply under 2″ in size and also the bars are likewise simply timid of 2″ in size on completions..

Standard weight plates have a one inch or 25mm size opening as well as benches are one inch in diameter on the ends and also center shaft. The standard weight bar will have a limited load and weight ability. These are usually to be made use of in cardiovascular and HIIT training courses..

Keep in mind that due to these size differences, the weight plates are not compatible. It would be a real shame if you invested in a good, attractive barbell only to get a series of bumper plates that didn’t fit. Either a barbell or a bumper plate will work, so it’s best to buy great tools for both options. If you get a great bar, that bar should go with a set or a great set of bumper plates. Barbells with 2″ sized sleeves will only work with a pair of plates with a 2″ center diameter. The same applies to bars with 1″ sleeves and a 1″ center diameter plate.

  • Distinctions in PERFORMANCE

There are some pros to selecting standard weights over Olympic weights. Initially, they look much less intimidating versus getting a 45lb Olympic plate, making them ideal for beginners. They additionally often tend to be a lot more inexpensive which is interesting many buyers. Nonetheless, as discussed previously, standard barbell weight collections have a restricted ability to around 200lb before the bar starts to bend. Standard barbells are shorter, lighter, will occupy less room and also are less complicated to manage..

Olympic weight sets have a much higher ability with top quality bars. Weights are available in heavier sizes (approximately 100lb plates) as well as have a tendency to have been precision examined with typical tolerances for International Weightlifting Federation competitions. Olympic bars are a lot more stable than standard bars as a result of the added thickness, which makes plate packing easier as well as much safer. Olympic barbells are much longer and also heavier than regular barbells and also are a lot more long lasting..

Lastly, most Olympic bars or power bars have rotating ends which enables a smoother lift by enabling the bar to spin inside the weight. These rotating ends are called “Sleeves,” and also are implied to diminish or remove “the torque” on the bar. This is important for quickly, eruptive activities such as a Power Clean, Clean & Jerks, as well as Snatches, where you require the bar to revolve swiftly. It is additionally useful for exercises where your grip needs to turn a little like squats or deadlifts. These sleeves help to both reduce stress and also injury on the user.


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