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Olympic High Hex Bar

How heavy is a hex trap bar? / How much does a hex deadlift bar weigh? / What is the weight of a rackable trap bar?

How much does a hex bar weigh

It is important that you understand the hex bar weight, as well as the benefits of using a trap bar over a standard straight barbell, which you may not know before reading this article.

The standard hex trap bar basically has three major weights: 45/55/75 lbs (20/25/34kgs). And the 45lb hex bar one is the most popular size, which is even heavier than Olympic barbell. In addition, there are also different weight on the market like 44lb or 52lb, etc.

The weight of the trap bar could load by MAX, it’s hard to say, but it can rarely beyond 1000 lbs.

Are you wondering is it a deadlift bar or a squat bar?

The mechanical principle of the movement is actually more like a squat rather than a deadlift. Your torso is slightly upright and your weight is concentrated on your body like a squat, and when doing a deadlift, your hips need more bending to get your shoulders above the barbell.

Nonetheless, we call it a special deadlift, not a squat bar. The key reason is you can reach down and grab it from the floor instead of having it rest on your upper back.

What are the benefits of using a trap bar ?

Today, bodybuilders prefer hexagonal deadlifts because they have many advantages over straight barbells.

1) Hexagonal bars can help you keep a good balance;
Because the weight of the hexagonal bar is closer to your body, it increases body balance and reduces interference; While when lifting a straight barbell, you need to tighten your strength to maintain proper balance.

2) Trap bars prevent accidents;
When you lift a straight barbell, if you are not professional, you can easily lose balance, fall, and get injured. While standard hex bars are safer to use, because they provide more balance.

3) Hexagonal bar can straighten your lift;
When you use a straight barbell to lift weights, you may find it difficult straight your back. While the hexagonal bar design reduces the tension in the lower spine, so you can lift weights with your back completely straight, means it is easy to lift.


Now you know the deadlift hex bar weight, and can make sure you’re doing deadlifts correctly, as well as performing training with correct weights.

However, besides the hextrap bar, there’s many other different types of barbells, including olympic barbells, powerlifting barbells, multi grip bar, log bar, etc. Do you know how much does these barbells weighFind more solutions from barbell factory, and get hex bar price.