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Olympic Supra Curl Bar with Revovling Handles – 4 FT

Steel construction Q235

Curl bar with revolving handles

Accommodates 2″ Olympic plate

Bar Length: 1200MM / 47″ / 4′

Net Weight: 13kg

Tensile Strength: 45kPSI



About Supra Curl Bar

The Supra Curl Bar is designed to increase upper arm mass, strength and definition, while relieving stress on tendons and joints. This supra bar isolates and intensifies development of the biceps and forearms.


Specially, this Supra Bar offers a unique rotating handle system. At first, the pivoting handle system helps to provide another way to attack those stubborn biceps muscles. Second, it allows rotation of the hands through the range of motion. So with this eye Olympic bar you can keep your hands in neutral grip position or rotate them supine through the movement, which is impossible with regular ez curl bar. Another possibility is switching between sets of supine (regular) curls and prone (reverse) curls without even putting the weight down.


Features of supra eye olympic curl bar

supra curl bar

1) The handle rotates 360 degrees through a large circular bearing;

2) Allows users to hold both standard and hammer grips, and can also be held at a 45-degree angle;

3) The dual handles have non-slip knurled handles, giving you full control of the lift;

4) Material: Steel Q235;

5) Tensile strength: 45kPSI;

6) Surface treatment: electroplating + electrophoresis + phosphating + hard chrome;

7) Net weight of the bar is solid 13kg;

8) Overall length of this SupraBar is 1200mm / 4′ / 47″;

9) The end sleeve suitable for Olympic plates;

10) Bar Type: Olympic Barbell, Specialty Barbells


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