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Cerakoted Strength Bar vs Chrome Bar

We’re comparing the high performance bar, so the chrome bar here is hard chrome barbell, instead of decorative chrome bar.


The differences between the two bars:

  1. Knurling depends on the thickness of the coating:

Cerakote: 1-2 mils

Hard chrome: 0.005-0.01 mils

So you see hard chrome is much thinner, the knurl would be more aggressive;

  1. Anti-corrosion:

When doing a salt fog spray test, cerakote lasts 5-10 times longer than hard chrome;

For other applications, cerakote performs better than hard chrome on anti-corrosion.

  1. Anti-friction:

No matter abrasion resistance or drop performance, cerakote performs better.

  1. Logo available:

Hard chrome: no

Cerakote: yes


Of course you could also consider the combination like:

Cerakoted shaft+ chrome sleeve, or

Chrome shaft+ cerakoted sleeve


Whatever your favourite.


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