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47-Inch Standard Barbell, Spink lock Threaded Solid Easy Curl Bar

1) Materails: Solid Steel

2) Surface: chromed Finish

3) Threaded Ends with Star Spin Lock Collars

4) Fits 1 Standard Plates

5) Curl or Straight bar are BOTH available.

Star-lock collars are included



Threaded Barbell Curl Bar

This standard threaded barbell is a complete single piece of solid steel. And it features 1″ threaded ends to fits standard plates. Specially, it includes a spin lock collar, which can firmly fix the weight plates on the barbell during exercise. In a word, thanks to its durable solid steel structure, threaded ends and diamonds kunurled grips, it is a durable fitness equipment that can be used comfortably in any workout place.

Features of Threaded Curl Bar

threaded curl bar

1) Bar Type: Specialty Bars

2) Construction: Fabricated from single piece of solid steel with threaded ends

3) Coating: Chrome throughout

4) Handle Type: Easy (EZ) curl bar with 2 knurled hand grips

5) Bar Length: 4 Foot / 47 Inch / 1200 MM

6) Bar Weight: 4.7KG / 10.4 LB (Including the 2 spin lock collars)

7) Plates compatibility: for 1 inch weight plates only

8) Rubber gasket: Included to create a buffer between weight plates and collar for a more snug fit

9) Function: Helps to isolate and strengthen the development of biceps and forearm muscles. On the other hand, it reduces the discomfort of the elbow and wrist, so as to maximize the body while preventing injury.

10) Uses: Use in home gyms, garage gyms, or fitness studios

Threaded Barbell Manufacturing Process

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      Contact Us To Get Factory Offer