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Answers to Mostly Asked Questions by Beginner of Importing Free Weights

I have no experience in importation, can I source from you directly?

Yes, but you should specially identify your import rights, calculate the landed cost, etc. And we strongly suggest you find a freight forwarder to handle import issues for you.

read this article carefully before placing order:


Why you want me to check the landed costs?

Because we am afraid that you underestimate the landed costs, it might be much more than your estimation.


I have no idea of how much I should pay as import duty, can you advise?

Firstly, you need know the products HS code & declared value:

  • Free weights HS Code:950691 (Articles and equipment for general physical exercise, gymnastics or athletics)
  • Declared value: It depends on your customs declaration.

Normally, it’s the same as the goods actual total amount.


Then you could consult from your forwarder for the import duty, OR seek by yourself.


  • Following we list out some URL for you to check the import duties (Customs Value x Duty Rate):


  1. USA:

(Needs to take the anti-dumping tariff 7.5% into consideration)


  1. EURO:


  1. JAPAN:


  • As for the Import taxes VAT/GST, we suggest you consult your forwarder.


If you would like more information, please refer to the article of landed costs, parts describing about import duty & taxes.


What should I do before consulting door to door price from you?

We recommend you to browse the article showing you how to import first, if you have no problem with that, and satisfy with our EXW/FOB price, please advise the size/item+quantity for us to check the packing info, and offer us your receiving address in detail, the DDU/DDP quotation always take 2-3 days as it consumes a lot of labor work and resources including agent in your country, and it would be definitely cheaper to use your forwarder.


Are you shipping to the my country? How much is the freight?

You would need to let us know your nearest sea port name, so that our forwarder will check the availability. To check the freight, please advise the item/size+quantity, so that we could calculate the packing info; then my forwarder or your forwarder (depends on the trade term) will quote the freight.


Why You Should Find a Freight Forwarder?


Shippers are generally unable to handle the logistics behind shipping cargo and require freight forwarders to provide 3PL services.


Please refer to the following article, which shows you the advantages of using freight forwarding services, services provided by freight forwarders, etc.


Tips to find a freight forwarder


Why you set a MOQ which seems too much for us?

Because you source from manufacturer directly just to lower your purchasing costs, only if the amount reaches a level, then the landed costs (many fixed charges included) would not be small enough to make the purchase worthy; small quantity purchase will end in high average costs.


Besides above, some reasons to set the MOQ:


Can I buy a sample? Can I use express for small quantity which is lower than MOQ?

Basically not economic, our product is free weight, which is heavy in weight, but cheap in value, so the express freight could be several times more expensive than the goods value, it would be much more expensive than you buy locally from local store. For example, if a UK customer wants a 10kg dumbbell sample from us, I will pack it with a brown box, the DHL express freight would be around $490 by official.


Anyway if you really need the sample for testing and careless of the express freight, please contact us to recheck the freight for you.


Link to check express freight online by DHL:


How long would it take for the goods to arrive me since placing order?

  • Lead time for production: It depends on the products variety & quantity, please contact us to check it for you.
  • Booking and inland logistic+time on port: 4-5 days;
  • Sea freight period on sea: It depends on your destination port;
  • Custom declaration and domestic freight: 3-10 days;

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