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Why are Barbells so Expensive?

Why are Barbells So Expensive?

As you know, barbells are impossibly expensive at present. However, do you know why are barbells so expensive? Many thanks in large part to resellers taking advantage of a shortage. This shortage put resellers at an advantage. In 2020, this is the result of the pandemic. When gyms are closed, people exercise at home. At the same time, the barbell manufacturers shut down. Generally, some barbells are expensive because they are actually a precision balance tool with some precision moving parts.

Comprehending the lucrative barbell resale market means recognizing the shortage. The epidemic led to the closure of gyms across the country in March. If you are new to weight training, it is best to start with a novice. If you have experience in traditional weightlifting, you may be able to start with heavier weights. At the same time, China’s winter and also springtime lockdowns gummed up the supply chain. Stores’ supply continues to be erratic, occasionally taking months to deliver.

The price increase is the result of a shortage of barbells and a surge in demand. But something else is happening. For the market, this new supply of greedy customers is largely ignorant. And resellers are eager to make the most of that perfect storm.

In fact, barbell usage was high before the pandemic. When the demand for home fitness club tools increases, prices will rise. He urged Shopping readers to document their fitness objectives as well as budget.

However, barbells definitely require a lot of money investment. In the entry-level configuration, you may spend at least $100. For example, a barbell from a well-known fitness equipment manufacturer sells for around US$100, and its high-end version sells for as much as US$780. However, as long as you focus on lifting weights, the first start-up cost of the barbell is worth it.

“It doesn’t make sense to take a common barbell and stack the plates. The reason is the barbell will probably bend or even break.” kept in mind Athayde, who cautioned against “economical” barbells. Rather, he advised you to evaluate your fitness level and spend appropriately. “If your goal is to move dynamically, consider the Olympic bar; And for deadlifts, bows, and bench presses, consider the powerlifting bar.


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