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safety squat bar vs. regular bar

Safety Squat Bar VS Regular Bar / Barbell

1. Safety squat bar bring the exercise to the next level esp legs

It helps you to make the chest and shoulder move upright under the bar and grip the barbell properly.

It makes lower back exercise possible without the risk of being injured, and the core strength could be trained well.

The safety squat bar helps your hips and knees in right position, which also prevent you from injury, that’s why people call this “safety” squat bar.


2. Comfortable and safe

People injured on shoulders might have problem in shoulder movement especially when the shoulder is under stress, the body would be easily bent over and collapse when feeling pain or big pressure, which is really dangerous to you.

No should rotation would be performed on you by using the safety squat bar, that’s another obvious advantage of safety squat bar.


More benefits of safety squat bar could be found here.


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