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How to Do a Zercher Squat

Exactly how to Do a Zercher Squat

Developed by 1930s strongman Ed Zercher, the Zercher squat positions the barbell in the scoundrel of the elbows rather than throughout the front delts or upper back. Doing so takes stress off the spine and lower back and also hires the biceps as well as core as you squat.
An unpadded bar can feel like a damn katana sword cutting into your arms, so Zercher squat virgins (unlike this person) must pad the bar with a towel till any kind of discomfort discolors. Below in this squat range for back or front squats, or leg presses.
Exactly how to do it
Hook your arms under the bar so it rests in the bends of your elbow joints. Maintain your back straight as well as biceps bent as you squat low and drive via your heels to return to the beginning placement.


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